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We offer a completely customised cleaning service and will gladly come and inspect your site for free to discuss all the options available. Below are outlined the basic services we offer.

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Carpet Cleaning

Our company is equipped for both large and small commercial spaces and we are able to offer an exceptional level of cleaning using a comprehensive set of tools and cleaning products.
Whether you require deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning or salvage cleaning,
we can help you choose the method best suited to your needs.
We are able to clean large areas
at a very high rate using
walk-behind wet extractors which
employ two vacuum motors and
a rotary brush, giving a very high
standard of clean. We also have
smaller machines to tackle stairs
and small spaces, meaning areas
between cabinets and behind the
coffee machine won't be neglected.

We understand that places of
business can be really busy and
the carpeting being wet for a few
hours might still be too long.
We have found that with many
commercial types of carpet a dry
clean can be just as effective as a wet clean, and we are also able to offer a soil-encapsulation cleaning method as part of our service, allowing an area of carpet to be clean and dry in less than an hour.
The dry cleaning system is perfect for maintenance cleans and moderate deep-cleans and also allows a very high cleaning rate.

Whether you have a large or small commercial space or residential letting you will find our prices are very competitive and we reward our repeat customers with generous discounts.

Stain Protection

Using stain protection can help in preventing stains from soaking into the carpet pile making the carpet much easier to clean and also increases it's durability making it a good investment.
Stain protection works by encasing the carpet fibres in a clear elastic coat protecting it from dirt and spillages and from wear.
Stain protection can seem like an expensive process however we don't overcharge our labour in applying it making it more affordable for you.
It is highly recommended to have the carpet or upholstery cleaned before applying stain protector.


We guarantee to kill 99.9% of bacteria including M.R.S.A and the products we use are completely safe to use in areas of food production and cafeterias.
Application of the sanitiser is a quick process and dries within an hour, and it includes a detergent cleaning the carpet while it works.

Pesticide Treatment

This service can be ordered separately
or with cleaning to eliminate pests in
your carpet or upholstery. We use
natural pesticides, with low toxicity to
animals, to eradicate flies, mosquitos,
gnats, cockroaches, crickets, ticks,
fleas and other household pests.
Our pesticide treatment is safe to use
in food production areas and cafeterias
and doesn't require leaving the room
for a long period.

Anti-Allergy Treatment

Most fabrics and fibres, no matter how clean will house a lot of dust, dustmites, pollen, hair and other particles which can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
Our anti-allergy treatment includes application of a natural pesticide to remove dustmites for up to 10 months, as well as a thorough clean to remove the majority of dust and hair from your carpets, elliminating the major causes of allergy from your carpets or upholstery and making them feel fresher in the process.














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