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Here is some information on each of our services.

Regular Clean

Our basic cleaning service is suited
for slightly to moderately dirty
carpets. We start by removing
any stains from the carpet.
After this detergent is sprayed
onto the carpet and agitated with
a brush, this eats into the soil
and loosens it. We then go on to
the extraction stage. Detergent is
once again sprayed onto the carpet
with a light deodorant and this time
is immediately vacuumed up leaving
the carpet relatively dry. We then
brush the clean carpet to remove
loose fibres and set the pile facing the same direction.

For carpets which are prone to shrinking or dye bleed (ie.woollen or axminster carpets) we replace the extraction stage with a quick drying system. After the detergent is brushed in a quick drying soil-encapsulation product is sprayed onto the carpet and brushed in with a rotary brush machine. This combs the product deep into the carpet where it absorbs the soil and turns solid. At this


Deep Clean

This service is required if a carpet is very dirty, has a high ammount of stains or very pronounced traffic lanes, for lightly to moderately dirty carpets use the Regular Clean option. Stronger detergents are used in the stain removal stage, and if necessary the extraction stage is performed twice to remove the excess dirt. We also use a stronger deodorant to neutralise any odours.

The soil encapsulation method is
also available in the deep clean
option for carpets which require dry
cleaning, results may vary.

Stain Protection

Stain protection works by encasing the fibre or fabric in a clear, flexible coat, meaning any substance falling onto it sticks to the casing rather than the fabric itself.
Because of the surface of the protection layer being smooth the substance can be wiped off it with ease.
The coat is long lasting and will not crack under normal use.
This is a great choice for natural fibres and other fibres that attract stains.


Our sanitiser product kills 99.9% of bacteria including M.R.S.A and is completely safe to use in the home.
The process is quick and dries within an hour.
Note: This service isn't required for urine stains, our regular clean covers urine neutralisation.

Pesticide Treatment

This service can be ordered separately or with cleaning to eliminate pests in your carpet or upholstery.
We use natural pesticides, with low toxicity to animals, to eradicate flies, mosquitos, gnats, cockroaches, crickets, ticks, fleas and other household pests. Our pesticide treatment is safe to use in the kitchen and you don't have to leave the house while it's being treated.

Anti-Allergy Treatment

Most carpets, no matter how clean will house a lot of dust, dustmites, pollen, fur and other particles which can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
Our anti-allergy treatment includes application of a natural pesticide to remove dustmites for up to 10 months, as well as a thorough clean to remove the majority of dust and hair from your carpets, elliminating the major causes of allergy from your carpets or upholstery and making them feel fresher in the process.

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At this point (about 20 minutes later) we are able to vacuum up the soil ridden product leaving the carpet clean. This method can also be requested if time is of importance, please warn us in advance if you'd like your carpet to be dry cleaned.